City of Glen Rose

City of Glen Rose

Located in Somervell County, Texas, approximately 30 minutes west of Cleburne, the City of Glen Rose is a small rural community known as the Dinasour Captial of Texas. When they first reached out to Cave Consulting, they were struggling with maintaining the content on three (3) websites and thought that the way content had to be managed was too complicated. They also believed the site was not user-friendly enough and was not getting high enough Google Search results.

Cave Consulting first combined all three (3) websites into a single website with a custom graphic design that reflected the City’s character. The way content was managed was then streamlined with tools that allowed all departments to contribute while simply doing their work and customer service was improved with features that made it easier for the public to complete applications and fill out forms.  The site was also optimized for Google Search and Google Maps, to increase website traffic, especially from tourist.

The new City website is not only visually stunning and extremely mobile-friendly but will allow the local government to offer a level of transparency to the public that even the largest cities can only dream of.

In addition, the site is loaded with interactive tools including public document searches and Google Location Maps sprinkled throughout the website, a Local Businesses feature that lets visitors find restaurants, hotels and other commercial businesses via search, category or pinpoint on a Google Map and subscription features that lets interested parties have documents or announcements automatically sent to them.

Finally, many cumbersome applications and forms that were previously in PDF or Microsoft Word format have been converted into dynamic, online forms which can be filled out from a mobile device, eliminate double entry and feed data into a spreadsheet where it can be manipulated.