Cost Savings for Cities and Counties

Cost Savings for Cities and Counties

GforGov™ can help a city or county make their budget go further by providing them cost-effective tools that can reduce or eliminate expenses related to application subscriptions, licenses and IT support.

With GforGov™, employees streamline processes such as agendas, websites, budgets and signatures, saving time and eliminating unnecessary costs associated with printing, copying and scanning.

GforGov™ can also decrease the chances of a city or county being negatively impacted from emergencies, disasters, cyber-attacks, or lawsuits which can interrupt basic government operations and result in significant financial losses.

Below are examples of some of the potential cost-savings a city or county with 150 employees could realize by leveraging various aspects of GforGov™:

Annual Savings (Software/Licenses)

  • $12,000 Microsoft Licenses
  • $10,000 Dropbox (or other cloud storage)
  • $10,000 Zoom (or other virtual meeting app)
  • $15,000 (All City-Related Websites)
  • $25,000 (Document Management System)

Annual Savings (Computers/Servers):

  • $200,000 savings by moving towards Chrome Devices

Other Annual Savings:

  • $50,000 (Printing/Copying Costs)
  • $30,000 (Mobile Device via BYOD)

Other Savings

  • Hours – Wasted Time
  • Thousands – Disaster/Data Recovery
  • Thousands – Lawsuits

If you would like to learn how GforGov™ can help your organization save money, please contact us for a free consultation at [email protected] or visit our website,